Resources for Bible-Believing Christians!
by Phil Layton

...if you want a detailed study of what the Bible says about 'The Rapture' of the Church...
...or an easy-to-read, fresh perspective on the Sacraments...
...or a guide to trusting the Bible and resolving apparent difficulties/contradictions... are three books which we hope you'll find useful!

The Rapture

with foreword by Commissioner William Francis

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Bible-Believing Christians

with foreword by
General André Cox

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The Sacraments and the Bible

with foreword by General Shaw Clifton

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Bible-Believing Christians Book Cover - Small

...get in touch with your local Salvation Army publishing supplies, or simply order from Amazon online are some free songs for you to download and use!

We believe

'We believe' is a sung theology.

The words are a proclamation of faith, written with the intention of encapsulating our 11 Salvation Army articles of faith within 3 verses.

While it has been sung successfully (without chorus) to the traditional tune of Blaenwern, the writer's preference is for use with a completely new and contemporary styled tune composed by Wesley Carroll, which has proved to be popular, easy to remember, and which places proper emphasis where required. (Download music below)

This new tune is easy to learn, helping the singer to read, absorb, and memorise the words - which comes back to the writer's aim of trying to facilitate the teaching of doctrine through sung worship.

Our hope is that this offering will help church-goers to recite and absorb our basic doctrines in order to inspire confidence and reassurance in a world where such things are being seriously challenged....and the accompanying new majestic music really has added such a huge amount to this, turning it into an act of worship and witness that can be easily accessed by all.

Feel free to make use of this song, and let us know how you get on!

Date of Recording: March 2010

Venue: Kirkcaldy, Scotland, UK

Occasion: : The first public singing of 'We Believe' with its specially composed tune, used here as a part of morning worship. Salvationists and Baptists at Whytecauseway Baptist Church, Kirkcaldy.

Written by Captain Phil Layton with music by Wes Carroll Click here to email:

Click here to download the words (.doc format)

Click here to download the piano music (pdf format)

Click here to download the brass band music (pdf format)

Click here to download a backing track (mp3 format)

A new song: 'We believe'

We believe the Holy Bible
Is Gods word, inspired, divine.
May its pages so inspire us
Love with heart, soul, strength and mind.
God Almighty, awesome Saviour;
By His work His power is known
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
May God's love through us be shown.,

( chorus)
We believe in the Holy Bible,
And our faith is in the Lord
We believe Christ died to save us,
Life eternal is our reward.

We believe our sin and weakness
Would keep us from God's design
Jesus died to make us worthy,
I am Gods and He is mine!
Jesus' death saves all who trust Him,
Born again through faith by grace,
Daily trusting and obeying,
'Til at last we see His face.

We believe in resurrection,
Christ will come to take us home.
Set apart a holy people,
Til our work on earth is done.
Sin and death no more may sting me
God is just, in Him we trust,
God, Creator, Judge, Redeemer
Praise His name the First and Last.

‘I want a holy heart’

Suggested Tune: 86  ‘Fewster’



I want a holy heart, dear God,
A heart from sin kept free,
A heart of gratitude for all
You did at Calvary.


To have a holy mind I yearn,
A mind both quick and pure,
To reason for the hope I have
And in my trials be sure.


More strength I need as on my way
New dangers I shall meet;
Keep pure my actions and each day
Temptation I’ll defeat.

 I pray, dear God, my soul to keep
Along the path You tread,
Saved by Christ’s blood, and Spirit filled,
By Your Word now be fed.

 My heart and mind are offered, Lord,
For You to use as best,
With all my strength and all my soul,
To live in holiness.

Phil Layton

Feel free to make use of this song, based on the most important commandment:
Jesus said: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul
and with all your mind and with all your strength.”
Mark 12:30

Great and true are Your ways

A new Gospel Song based on Revelation (15:3-4) - The Song of Moses and the Lamb - and entitled 'Great and true are Your ways'

The music and words are by Wes Carroll and Phil Layton respectively.

You can read the context of this Scripture passage here, and the music encapsulates perfectly the majesty, respect, and awe of the worship portrayed therein.

Our hope is that both singers and listeners alike will be lifted in praise and worship as you engage in this offering.

Date of Recording: November 2010

Featuring: Performed by some members of the Shepway Community Gospel Choir with the lyrics on the screen so you can join in!

Free!... download the music & lyrics click here:

Piano accompaniment available here to contact Phil by email:

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